Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go Giants!

I know I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd give you a little Canzonieri Family Update.

Last week I registered Julianna for Kindergarten! My little girl is going big time.

Jaime had a check-up at the doctor yesterday and she's growing like a weed. She gained a pound putting the little chunker at 21 lbs. and she grew 2 inches as well.

Anthony met Cameron Diaz yesterday. He was in Manhattan doing some work for a swanky hotel and she was heading into the restaurant there with a few of her friends. He was with the hotel's manager and she came over to say hello to everyone.

As for me, I'm holding my breath until winter is over. I hate this time of year. Oh and we're going to Disney in March. Anthony's sister was nice enough to invite us. We'll be there for Jaime's 1st Birthday! I'm still going to have a party for her though. It'll be on March 15th so mark your calendars.

In other news, Scott had his appendix removed last week.

Amy and Hicham started demolition ... um, I mean, work on their house. They are fixing up a lot of things. My dad reportedly broke a rib there. ;)

I hope to see some of my family this weekend at Jesse's 1st Birthday party. I got a chance to see him and Rachael last weekend. They came in for some pictures at my job. He's such a cutie!!

I haven't heard much about what's going on in the Wagner Family so feel free to send in some updates. Miss you!!!