Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Adventures of Corrie and Ken

11/25/06 - The couple were last spotted in Australia being awakened at 3 a.m. by a cell phone.

12/25/06 - The lucky duo are off to Fiji next!

Common Fijan Phrases:
What is your name? - o cei na yacamu(ni)?
Pleased to meet you - ia (ni) bula
Where are you going? - o sa lako ki vei?
Goodbye - ni sa moce
yes - io
no - sega
Hello – bula*
Good morning - andra vinaka
How are you? - o lai vei?
Please - kere kere
Thanks - vinaka
Excuse me – tulou
Eat – kana
Come – lako mai
Go – lako tani
Coconut - niu


Erin said...

You guys are lucky because you don't have to wear pants to say what you are thankful for at Thanksgiving. Love you! See you in L.A.

shannon said...

miss you guys soo much!! hope all is well and to see you soon.

Kelly said...

Hey Miss you guys hope everything is goin well! hope to see you soon!