Thursday, March 1, 2007

First Day of March

Nothing really special about it, except that now I consider myself in the home stretch. It's almost baby time and I couldn't be more anxious. Part of me wants her here now, but the panic is starting to set in. I know it's going to be difficult and I just hope I don't crack under the pressure. Any advice for me? What worked for you in the beginning?


hichamy said...

You don't need any advise - you are going to be just fine! You have done such an amazing job w/Julianna, I am sure you will do the same with this one! Plus - you have all of us for support & you know you can count on us! Love you bunches:)

Dawn said...

You will find that #2 is MUCH easier, you know what to expect so things just seem to fall into place. I won't say it's all sunshine and roses...there are times you'll see that are a bit...challenging with an older one in the picture, especially when the jealousy kicks in and you feel guilty for not spending the time with Julianna you used to, but like your sister said, you'll handle it just fine. Enjoy it because when people say it goes quickly you really don't grasp the concept until you're living it. Carly is walking already. It really does seem like yesterday that she was born!