Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pictures from Disney

Anthony and Julianna are back from Disney and they had an awesome time. I spent the weekend at my mom's and got to see Aunt Maryjane, Kelly, and Aunt Patty. I found out some interesting things that some of you guys might not know.

Kelly is moving back to South Carolina tomorrow (Wednesday). She is getting her new place ready for Scott who should be home soon. He's got one more mission and then his should be on his way back to his beautiful bride.

Kevin is driving across the country, working at various sporting events. Aunt Patty said he's driving a huge truck. His first stop was California, I think, and he was going to spend some time with Erin. Then he was on his way to Chicago.

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Casey just got back from a cruise. Oh, and guess who Anthony saw at Disney? Brian and Kim and the kids. What a small world, huh?

Well, happy May Day!

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