Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where's the Love?

Okay people, why is it that Amy and my mom are the only ones who leave comments on this blog??

I feel like I haven't heard any news in a while and I hope you're all doing well. I got a message from Shannon and she's missing everyone. I think Ashley is due any day now, so there will be a new baby here soon. I think Kevin and Bryanne were looking at houses but I'm not sure if they found anything.

So what about the rest of you?? Got any news to share?

E-mail me ~

Oh, my little chunky monkey (Jaime) will be baptised next weekend, the 23rd. If anyone is going to be up north, please feel free to stop by. We're having a party after the ceremony. I'll post some pictures as well!!

Miss you all!!


Dawn said...

I leave comments, too!!! Does anyone else read the blog? I hope so! Kisses!!!!

hichamy said...

Thought I would share this - I am finally off birh control pills! Hopefully I will have baby news soon:)

Dawn said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!Good luck! Aunt Linda, close your ears......have fun!!!

Rachael said...

ok im leaving a comment..actually i'll do better than comment, i'll post a blog...