Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Addition to the Safris Family


My name is Kookaburra Safris Nolan, and I am a celebrity. I must be anyway, because actual celebrities stop and fawn over ME. The other day my daddy had an appointment with Sir Ridley Scott, and he took me along. Sir Scott could hardly focus on the story idea he was telling my dad, he was soooo excited to pet me. He says Jack Russells make the best dogs he has two himself! The next day my mom and dad took me to something called an 'after party' at chateau marmont. It was late at night and people were acting very silly. Someone knocked a glass over and it shattered - my mom ran to me and picked me up so I wouldn't injure my precious paws - and as she picked me up we came face to face with Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. He was acting VERY silly. There was also someone in a strange poufy pink dress at the table next to me whose name was Chloe Sevigny. Her dress looked like it would taste good, but I didn't get close enough to take a bite. At my table was Mark Ruffalo, who is cute, but not as cute as ME.

The next night my parents took me to dinner at Il Sole. Bright lights started popping all around me. I thought someone was taking MY picture (again) but it was just for someone named Halle Berry. Oh well. I am tired of all the pictures people take of me. The next day my mom and dad took me on a hike in Fryman Canyon. Three girls made a huge fuss over me. Their hair was much blonder than my moms and the mountains on their chests were MUCH larger than the ones my mom has. I think I heard my mom say they were someone named Hugh Hefner's girlfriends? She said they have a show on TV called, "The Girls Next Door" and on that show, they have puppies of their own. The blondest one told my mommy she has a chihuahua just my size.

I like dogs my size, but I like bigger dogs better, like my neighbor Mr. Guinness, who is a golden retriever. I've attached a picture of the two of us together. Notice how we're holding paws.

Last night we went to Il Sole (again). My parents are a little boring, actually. We had dinner with someone named Taye Diggs. Taye is ALMOST as cute as me, but not quite. Taye said he has a dog, a little Yorkie named Sammy Davis. Sammy Davis and I are supposed to have a play date today. I think I will like him, but probably not as much as Mr. Guinness.

Its really tiring being SO cute. Right now, I am taking a nap under the covers, curled up between mommy and daddy in the bed. Its my favorite place to be.

Woof Woof!
Kookaburra Safris Nolan

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