Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Carly's Baptism

Hi there...after much trauma and drama, we finally had Carly baptized in the most beautiful, old church in an old steel mill part of Pittsburgh. The priest was fantastic and although it's an hour drive, we're thinking this will be the church we attend when we attend church...she wore Frank's grandmother's GREAT grandmother's dress (that would make her Frank's great, great, great, great grandmother, I think), we think it is 150 years old; what an heirloom...I put it on her right before the ceremony and took it off right after. I had forgotten how incredibly poignant and beautiful a baptism is, I'm very glad we finally got around to it! I'm going to try and attach some pictures now. Wish me luck!

Love to all,
Frank, Dawn, Zack (who suffered with a fever all weekend but was a trooper!), and Carly

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Stacy said...

Congratulations Carly!