Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Shannon and Jeff in Argentina: An Update

Hi Everyone,

Jeff and I have been teaching English classes at the Grameen Foundation (a microfinance institution) in Mendzoa, Argentina. I've also been working on my music and Jeff continues to write for BussinessWeek part time. It's the end of summer/beginning of fall here and we are enjoying the weather. Wine country is treating us well but we definitely miss our family and can't wait for the summer to see everyone!

We're looking forward to the living on the east "coast" again when Jeff starts school at Cornell in the fall. We hope all is well and really miss everyone a lot. Can't wait to see the new babies when we get back. Love you guys.

Shannon and Jeff

**Thanks for the update Shan! We miss you guys. Take care and we'll see you in the summer.


hichamy said...

Yeah Shannon & Jeff! We miss you guys:)

Linda said...

it was so nice to hear from you guys and hear that you're doing well - what an experience for the 2 of you - winter is slowly fading so summer will be here soon - keep safe and keep us updated. love aunt linda